Our efforts are

geared towards promoting a

positive lifestyle

We are a non-profit organization aimed at celebrating the achievements of our Master Generation. We want to empower our target group to be experienced advisors, happiness gurus, health, wellness advocates and proud ambassadors of our inclusive society. We want to champion the cause of active ageing and adopt the model of ‘senior talent capitalisation’.

At EdgeSG, we provide an opportunity and safe platform for our Master Generation to share their stories and express themselves. As builders of our modern Singapore, the sacrifices done by our Master Generation and their value-added stories would inspire our younger generation to better understand our elders.

Our Objectives are

  • To encourage active ageing
  • To motivate our master generation to take part in activities
  • To Make them feel proud of their achievements
  • To organise joyful activities for our seniors
  • To enhance digital knowledge among the elderly


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